Green Living

Estates strives to inspire. Inspiration invokes creation. Creation evolves the future. When creating communities each decision makes an impact. Estates desires to make positive impacts no matter how small or large.

Estates believes energy management & sustainable practices increase the vitality socially & economically of each of our communities while promoting healthier & happier lifestyles for our residents. When creating an Estates community, we focus on low-impact, sustainable development & construction methods aimed to minimize immediate earthly impacts balanced with a focus on the future to reduce energy consumption & limit waste. Our focus on the environment hasn’t just begun, it began at our founding by designing communities to meet energy incentive programs sponsored by local utility companies, dating back to SCE&G’s Good Cents Program. Every new community Estates develops is a certified green community by the National Association of Home Builders’ Green Building Standard.

Being a green certified community means a lot to residents at Estates communities, including:
• 100% smoke free living
• Natural gas, tankless water heaters
• Energy Star appliances
• Community recycling centers
• Low-Flow water fixtures
• Low-E windows
• Low VOC paints
• Efficient HVAC systems
• Local & regional resources to reduce pollution & positively impact local economies
• Environmentally friendly, recyclable building materials & products
• Sustainable design, construction, & low impact development methods
• Pedestrian friendly communities promoting active lifestyles